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Dr. Ramakanta Panda

Dr. Ramakanta Panda, a distinguished cardiac surgeon and Padma Bhushan awardee, is globally recognized for his exceptional expertise in cardiovascular thoracic surgery. With an illustrious career spanning over 46 years, he has honed his skills at prestigious institutions such as AIIMS and the Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Panda has performed more than 20,000 cardiac surgeries worldwide, gaining acclaim for his specialization in high-risk procedures and groundbreaking advancements in bypass and valve surgeries. His dedication to his field has positioned him as a leading figure in cardiac surgery, known for his innovative approaches and meticulous surgical techniques.

Dr. Panda's influence in medicine transcends surgical innovation, pioneering 'Total Arterial Revascularization' and refining off-pump and redo bypass surgeries. As head of the Asian Heart Institute, he secured prestigious JCI, ISO, and NIAHO accreditations, setting new standards in cardiac care. His charitable initiatives, like the Sarla Madan Charitable Trust, have empowered countless economically vulnerable patients. Recognized with honors like the Utkal Ratna and a Doctorate in Science from Utkal University, Dr. Panda exemplifies dedication to both medical excellence and compassionate healthcare accessibility.


Leadership and Innovation

Introduced 'Total Arterial Revascularization' and advanced techniques in off-pump and redo bypass surgeries.


Accreditation and Recognition

Led Asian Heart Institute to JCI, ISO, and NIAHO accreditations, setting benchmarks in cardiac care.


Philanthropic Contributions

Established charitable trusts aiding economically disadvantaged patients and recognized for significant contributions to healthcare and society.

Treatment Experience

Dr. Ramakanta Panda's treatment experience spans over 46 years, encompassing more than 20,000 cardiac surgeries globally. Specializing in high-risk procedures, he is renowned for pioneering advancements in coronary artery bypass grafting, valve repairs, and complex aneurysm surgeries, ensuring exceptional outcomes for his patients.

Surgical Specialization

Expertise in coronary artery bypass grafting using arterial grafts, beating heart surgery, and complex aneurysm repairs.

Success and Safety

Noted for a 99.7% success rate in bypass surgeries, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients.

Global Impact

Trained under world-renowned surgeons and contributed significantly to advancing cardiac surgical practices worldwide.

FAQs about Dr. Ramakanta Panda

What are Dr. Ramakanta Panda's specialties?

Dr. Ramakanta Panda specializes in cardiovascular thoracic surgery, focusing on coronary artery bypass grafting, valve repairs, and complex aneurysm surgeries.

Where did Dr. Ramakanta Panda receive his training?

Dr. Panda trained in cardiac surgery at AIIMS, New Delhi, and underwent fellowship training at the Cleveland Clinic, USA, under Dr. Floyd Loop.

What are Dr. Ramakanta Panda's achievements?

Dr. Panda has performed over 20,000 cardiac surgeries globally and introduced innovative techniques like 'Total Arterial Revascularization'. He is a Padma Bhushan awardee and founder of the Asian Heart Institute.